Stay Ready so you don’t
have to get ready

I 2 I LLC.

Independent Music Label

We are not only a music label but a conduit for artist and fan. With our innovative sounds, and belief in open source wealth, we push the impossible boundaries from thought to conceptualization, to delivery by creating dernier cri paths to success. 


As a music label we are supposed to look forward to creating quality, timeless art. But to (“US”) that’s not enough, we pride ourselves on being a gateway to dreams for fans, artist, employees, alike. We designed I2I to be a forward life elevating, motivating experience. We aim to inspire artist and fan to be a united front by introducing Substance Subscribers.

I 2 I LLC.

Our Goal

I2I Entertainment is genuinely aligned towards uniting music listener and music makers from all genres. Our goal is to build an authentic entertainment label that develops artist by giving them the opportunity to not only make music but to learn the intricate details of being and independent artist. For the music listeners are aim is to give them an opportunity to make money while listening to music. I know as music consumer myself that day in and day out I listen to music, I share my favorite artist work, but at the end of the day I message these artists and can’t get a reply. What is the benefit of me being a fan and giving my money to support a artist that wouldn’t even talk to me if they saw me? That is why our main goal at I2I is to make sure that all of our listeners have an opportunity to make money from the music they listen to daily. 

For more information on I2I llc., about our work, or just saying hello, feel free to get in touch with us.